Why blog, you wonder.

There are many reasons depending on your given situation, of course. Just as there are many reasons not to blog.

Personally, I think there’s one reason above the others.

Here goes:

However nice the reporter is, it’s quite easy to feel the pressure of a million tons when your business reputation is on the line.

Say you’re in a meeting, and you see a news-media number on your mobile.

If you decide to call them up later, you’ll probably just have to wait for the voicemail buzz telling you that you have a new message.

If you don’t leave your meeting right away, you’ll probably soon have a text message buzzing. You check your e-mail – yes. Another couple of minutes and – if the reporter is of the new breed – you’ll have a DM on Twitter. Maybe a Facebook inbox message as well.

And then, a secretary knocks on the door, telling you there’s a call waiting and that it seems extremely important.

Reporters are trained experts in getting in touch with busy people like yourself. It’s in their DNA. Don’t even try to hide.

And then the interview. First some nice questions, just to get you in the mood, to get you safe. To get your guard down. Then the reporter will start questioning you, hunting for quotes supporting their angle. The pressure is on.

Of course, you have prepared yourself. You got your key messages written down somewhere, and you know what you want to say. But still, you can’t train for any situation – in fact, your training is mainly designed in order for you to relax, and to be able to think on your feet, to adapt yourself to the pressuring situation.

In these situations, it’s great to be a blogger specializing in a certain field.

A blog helps you think, to move further, and to sort your thoughts out on a regular basis. When you get thrown by an unexpected question, you can always recap in your mind mentally search your posts for sound answers.


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