Initiatives like Volvo’s The Transporters makes one proud to be a digital Swede. I decided to have a chat with Gustaf Rydelius, PR & online Media Specialist at Volvo Group Headquarters.

Hey Gustaf! Congratulations on the success with The Transporters! Tell us, what was the idea behind the game and what did you want to achieve?
Gustaf: The idea is: Together we move the world, a concept we are working on to show we have a broad range of products in our group and that we work in a lot of different environments around the globe.[vision_highlight color=”cool-blue” style=”style-1″]And by playing the game you get a good picture and understanding of us as a company.[/vision_highlight]

The main aim with the game was to generate traffic to our news site Global News where we tell stories from the whole group. The Transporters game was the official launch of Global News.

Now, talk some metrics with us. How did the app grow and what target groups did you have in mind?
Gustaf: The app grew by itself, but of course we did our best to spread it. First we communicated to our own network in the Volvo Group and[vision_highlight color=”cool-blue” style=”style-1″]asked them to help us spread the game[/vision_highlight](we are 120,000 employees). Then we wrote press releases and contacted media and published on all of our own sites online and in social media. We also contacted app review sites.

Our target groups are employees and their families and friends, but also students and future employees, media and journalists of course and opinion leaders, politicians and influencers. Everyone interested in sustainable transport solutions.

For a classic brand to step into the gaming industry, well it could be considered a pretty bold move. How did you digital guys manage to convince everyone that this was a good idea?
Gustaf: Good question! Well, as Global News is a digital site the launch campaign had to be digital. And since our audience is global we needed to communicate in a lot of different countries and on different languages.[vision_highlight color=”cool-blue” style=”style-1″]But a game is something everyone can understand, no matter culture or language,[/vision_highlight]and gaming is a growing trend across the globe. In a game we also could fit all of our products and tell a story in an easy, not too corporate way.

Because we want to tell about Volvo’s role in society we need to be where people are, and use new media, platforms and channels.

What has been the biggest learning so far in terms of digital marketing and online spread?
To have a really good idea from the beginning and to produce it as professional as possible. The rest is hard work!

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