tim ferrissOkay, so I’m probably not the only 30+ dude who has a manchrush on Tim Ferriss, the wildly successful lifehacker.

And dare I say;  Ferriss is also an online marketing genius.

Besides from inspiring me trough his books 4-Hour Work Week and 4-Hour Body, I’ve been picking up lots of inspiration from his blog on how to leverage various online public relations tactics.

And this is a smart trick on how to land online publicity that I picked up today:

Launching “The Tim Ferriss Experiment”

It was bound to happen. Ferriss is launching his own TV show — and of course, this gets promoted via a post on his own blog.

Personally, I think the show is going to be great and I hope that it will be possible to watch it via streaming in Sweden somehow. But that’s beside the point:

Obviously, this new show will be promoted by the network. And they surely have their PR agencies promoting this. Ferriss himself, true to form, have surely quite a few promotional strategies for online publicity up his sleeve for this particular launch himself.

But one thing I noticed in particular in the blog post promoting the launch, was a small detail at the end of the launch post:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.22.39 AM

The link is of course leading to an online form like this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.24.29 AM

This particular form is created with wufoo.com, but you could just as easily use Google Forms or a WordPress contact form plugin. The point is, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set up a form like this.

Why You Should Do This

Now, I’m not proposing that Ferriss is the first guy ever to offer up a media request form.

But here’s what I like about this particular form for getting more online publicity:

1. It gives the blog post a strong call-to-action (CTA). Blog posts with strong CTAs often becomes better blog posts for it. It becomes clear to me as a reader that, at the end of the post, there’s more for me to do if I want to take action.

2. It doesn’t cost much at all. Of course, when you’re launching something, you need to promote it. But who knows, maybe the best coverage that Ferriss will get will originate from this form? In fact, I would recommend using this type of tactic for each and every press release your company sends out. It’s a bit like racing sail boats …

3. It gives bloggers a chance to get an interview with Tim Ferriss. It’s not just for journalists, also bloggers can get in touch. A virtual assistant could easily sort through the requests and allow for smaller bloggers to ask one question each. Ferriss then answers the questions, the VA types the answers up and send them back to the bloggers. That might result in a lot of blog buzz from smaller bloggers!

4. You leverage your existing community. It takes energy and effort to build an online community. And this is a dead simple way to gain some traction from all those existing relationships.

5. Worth it even for small results. Even if you don’t have a community the size of India, you still get some interesting contact details to explore. And since it’s so time- and cost efficient, there’s really only gains to be made!

If you try this, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments. Or — hit me up with a link to your personal favourite blog post by Tim Ferriss!

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