Annie Seel is onboard as the number one driver for the Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010. Don’t know who Annie Seel is? And Morris-Motorcycles-say-what?

About Annie. She has completed (yes, completed!) 15 desert races. Do you know of the Paris-Dakar desert race – the toughest desert motor race in the world? Annie has finished three of those. Oh, and by the way, she has the female world record of racing a motorcycle up the north face of Mount Everest.

Broken bones can’t force her off the track. “No-one remembers a coward,” is her motto.

So, ok. Annie Seel is a baddass. But what about Morris Motorcycles?

Well, I’m a team member. I haven’t chosen a title yet, but I’m thinking along the lines of simply Public Relations Manager. Or Playlist Manager. I probably should mention that I’ve no experience in racing. Not many of the team members have. You think that this sounds like a joke?

Oh, by the way – we are specifically talking about motorcycles driven by electricity.

Well, it’s certinly no joke. The team is a crowdsourcing effort with Swedish social media legend Morris Packer as the alpha lead. Being a motorcycle enthusiast himself, he thought that it was a shame that his love and hobby wasn’t all that sustainable. A couple of tweets later, he had the initial funding and over 100 team members aspiring to race electric motorcycles.

Can a bunch of friends and geeks really make this happen? Well, it didn’t look good there for a while. But as we passed PNR (point of no return, right?) we are still in the running of entering the team drivers – amongst others Annie Seel – into a real TT Grand Prix!

Feeling a bit adventurous? Wanting a good story to tell? Join in and help out!

Team application (in Swedish)

Micro sponsorship (in Swedish)

Sponsor letters (in Swedish)