Like most guys, I’m primarily interested in what’s inside the dress, but since I got this lovely picture in my inbox I thought it might interest at least some of my female readers. And also those of you guys who are into wedding dresses, by all means!

So, the dress isn’t quite done yet (hence it won’t be bad luck for me to see it like this), but the young designer working on it is Mari Miltvedt. She has designed for large retail fashion brands, but is mostly into creating one-of-a-kind garments like this one above. She likes to work with tailored feminine outfits and exclusive materials – or so I’m told. Lisah’s wedding dress is made out of 18,5 metres of silk fabric.

If you want to get in touch with Mari, just drop me a line and I’ll use my magic PR skills in order to connect you with each other. And yes, she should really get herself a website soon. This digital stuff is coming into style bigtime, I hear.

My December seems to be turning out just fine, by the way. First some business meetings in Stockholm next week, and then off to a Caribbean honeymoon with my beautiful fiancee/wife, and then back to New York just in time to spend Christmas and New Year’s in my flashy skyscraper apartment on Manhattan. Pretty nice, right?

And if you happen to be on Twitter on the 13th of December when we get married on St Lucia, drop us a line at @doktorspinn or @journalistlisah, will you? It would mean the world to us since we can’t bring all you guys along!