Danish taxi app startup Click A Taxi has had a great journey so far. Since I reviewed the app some time ago, I’ve started to use the app myself on a daily basis. So, I decided to shoot some questions at co-founders Søren Halskov Nisse and Nikolaj Køster, who also were nice enough to hook me up with an infographic (click to enlarge) of their journey.

Jerry Silfwer: The most difficult thing for any business venture is to inspire recurring consumer behaviours. In the jungle of new apps, how do you convert first time users into loyal users? Any learnings or insights here that you could share with the readers?

Søren Halskov Nissen, Co-founder and CEO: That is a very hard question, and something we battle with every day. One thing we have focused on a lot, is calling almost every customer we can see has had a bad user experience. As we are growing, that becomes harder and harder, which is why we soon are launching a brand new version, that focuses on rating of all trips. Thereby we get even higher insights on what our users think about the companies we partner with and how the app works. If the driver talks on the phone while driving, we want to know.

We are also working hard on making the app more predictive and personalized. When you open the app and you have already ordered a taxi with 50 meters of that GPS location, we will propose that address instead of what the GPS finds.

Jerry Silfwer: How do you create a good marketing mix between paid, earned and owned online media? What’s your strategy in getting most bang for the buck online?

Nikolaj Køster, Co-founder and Head of Communications: The million dollar question! A user aquisition relating correctly to the life time value is critical for any company. A great product is always number one priority for us less marketing it. The first chapter of our business is focused on building a product solving real problems so good that there will be natural social spread.

The product itself is inherently non-social. It’s simply a great tool for solcing travel needs anywhere in the world. That said we are dipping our toes in many different user aqusition waters to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. We are quite happy with the earned following that we are seeing and the paid marketing that we are testing is yielding quit impressing results. But we do work hard to see these results.

The app can be downloaded here. Have you tried? Let me know what you think in the comments.