I met with Micco Grönholm aka The Brand-Man the other day and he asked me if I had any NYC tips. To get some fresh perspectives, I asked a couple of my colleagues to pitch in. If you have NYC tips, help us help Micco in the comments!

Best NYC Restaurant

Linda Harleman: Mari Vanna, because there is no such thing as too much vodka in a Russian restaurant.

Martin Prescott: My current favorite restaurant in NYC is Freemans. Why? Because of the ambiance – an alchemistic mixture of taxidermy and sex.

Kristi Murphy: My favorite restaurant is Bogota in Park Slope Brooklyn. I’m a Brooklyn girl all the way, although I’m not a borough snob. Bogota has great latin food, a comfy enclosed patio and chocolate vodka.

Jerry Silfwer: I like Barbuto, Spotted Pig, Extra Virgin, The Standard Bar & Grill and The Mercer Kitchen. And a strange alpha male type German BBQ in Brooklyn that Martin took me to, but I can never remember the name of it.

Best NYC Shopping

Martin Prescott: Favorite shopping is Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. They have unique one-of-a-kinds that satisfy my inner hipster (without costing an arm and a leg).

Jerry Silfwer: Apple Store up by Central Park. What else?

Linda Harleman: All Saints, because its not an American brand.

Best NYC Hangouts

Martin Prescott: My current favorite hangout is my own apartment. Yes, I am turning 29 years old and just got my first own apartment. In NYC that is considered success! Feel free to come by and hangout with me when in NYC: 120 Orchard Street, apartment 3.

Linda Harleman: Rooftops. Yes, any will do.

Jerry Silfwer: Soho House brunch and the Hudson River promenade from Regal Park Cinemas to Stone Street via Battery Park.

Best NYC To-Do’s

Kristi Murphy: My favorite to-do is The Highline. The Highline is an unconventional NYC park space constructed on defunct elevated railroad tracks. It now features grass, paved walkways and sitting areas. In the summer it is great for a jog or to have lunch from Chelsea Market and people watch.

Linda Harleman: Brunching. Love New York brunching. ‘Bloody Mary’s on a Saturday morning’ (1pm) was invented by God.

Jerry Silfwer: Starbucks weekend blogging. The introvert advantage, right?

Martin Prescott: My favorite to-do is just walking/bicycling around NYC with good company. This city needs to be experienced and inhaled in the streets, not in a taxicab.

Best NYC Online Resources

Linda Harleman: Thesaurus. Because I am not good at English or Swedish.

Martin Prescott: My favorite online resource is Rent a Friend – here you can find that friend to go walking/bicycling around NYC with. I use it for the companionship.

Jerry Silfwer: Order takeout to your blanket in Central Park from Seamless. Awesome. Don’t get too lost in the park though or else they won’t find you. If you can’t find your way around, use Guidepal’s offline maps in your mobile!

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