Most of us have done it, at least at one point or another in our digital careers. Shown this epic video.

Well, this latest edition isn’t as new as it perhaps could be, but I’m publishing the social media 2013 video anyway.

Call it… nostalgia. Here goes.

But what we maybe could add at this point in time, is to just conclude that social media was–and still is!–a revolution. Those of us who predicted it early on, well, we most certainly happened to be right on this one. Hopefully, we can be taken seriously when we say that we’ve only seen the beginning of where social will take us—and what will come of it.

What’s more perplexing though, is while so many sings social’s praise today, still most just go for the same old tired money making models. Companies build flashier websites with sleeker mouse over effects, but few are taking the necessary steps to ramping up their online communities. But we’ll get there, we’ll get there.

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