One of my secret dreams is to get to create a music video.

Because I love creative music videos. Not maybe the type of videos one would expect from a geek like myself; I think for instance that the viral video from OK Go “Here It Goes Again” is funny and all, but I think it gets in the way of the actual song. Which is quite okay in this case.

No, I love music videos that enhances the actual music.

Like the video for Promise And The Monster “Sheets”.

Like the video for Elliphant “Down On Life”.

Like the video for Metronomy “The Bay”.

So, what are my chances to go all crazy Jonas Åkerlund-style and create a music video that rocks?

New Days, New Ways

Back in the day, my chances would be close to zero.

Because I’m a bloody white-collar consultant. I might be in a creative industry in some sense, but I’m not exactly a creative portfolio-type.

Also, I know next to nothing about music video production.

But times have changed. For the better.

Today, most people can do pretty awesome thing in easy-to-use video editing programs.

Even an amateur can afford cameras capable of better than nice image quality.

So, What Would I Do?

First, I would find an artist that I know who hasn’t yet gotten signed by a big label.

Like my wife Lisah’s sister, Marta. She’s a singer-songwriter—listen to one of her songs here.

I think there’s some real drama to this song.

Now imagine getting geeky with it by fitting an HD camera to a Jamcopters.


To get an idea how fantastic shots these gadgets can produce, check out this awesome skate video:

FIREFLY from samadhi production on Vimeo.

Now, imagine using the beautiful city of Stockholm by night as a backdrop for such a video.

Stockholm is quite stunning by night…


Imagine than Marta walking and singing alone along the night streets of Stockholm.

After a while, another lonely girl joins in, walking alone but still alongside together. And then, another girl joins. And another.

Soon, an army of lonely girls would be walking the streets and bridges of Stockholm by night, shot with smooth Jamocopters fly-by’s.

I think it could be absolutely beautiful. Well, who knows?

Feel free to add ideas in the comments!