I’ve been using my Basis now for quite a few weeks.

The Basis is actually my first wearable lifelogging device. I didn’t want the Nike FuelBand, since I don’t care to much about their proprietary point system.

I almost ordered a Jawbone Up instead, but I wasn’t very happy with my Jawbone bluetooth headset.

Plus, I had read a lot of early reviews about problems with the product.

Overall Impression

Overall, I’m very happy with my Basis. We’re having lots of fun together — and I don’t regret buying it.

It has great many features that are really useful to me and the sensors are surprisingly accurate. Remember, this isn’t exactly an expensive watch, so you get a lot of technology for your money.

What makes me most happy is that it seems like the team behind the product really has been focusing on health improvement through understanding human behaviour. I dare say, that if you follow the recommendations and thus level up constantly, this device will improve your health significantly at a steady pace.

Health-Focused Product

Basis captures a lot of data about you. When you sync it up, it can visualise your data and score your improvements. You can have great fun using your web dashboard; personally I learned a lot about my own sleeping patterns.

You earn gamification badges and these “missions” really make sense. The level of difficulty is slowly increased at your own pace. The device is in many ways very “human” in how well it respects the pace of your progress.

Core Strengths

At this price point, I’m not expecting NASA technology, but I’m very happy with the actual accuracy. It captures data better than all iPhone health apps I’ve tried — and you can really learn a lot about yourself by reviewing the data sets. Some might argue that the device could make good use of GPS, but I think there’s a price versus performance argument to be made here.

I used the Basis and my health really got better — and nothing could be more important than that. Of course, I did all the hard work and without my efforts, it wouldn’t have worked. You don’t get into shape just by wearing it, of course. Basis recently also released an iPhone app that allows wifi sync without having to connect the device to your computer.

The battery life is also surprisingly good, I could use it for days without having to recharge it.


The Basis comes with quite a few weaknesses. Now, this is a new product and it’s not exactly a big brand like Nike behind with great R&D resources at their disposal. I’ve got a huge respect for startups and therefore I would never expect a perfect product right off the bat.

However, there are a few areas of improvements:

The Basis requires you to wear it 24/7 — if you want to get the most out of it. This is cool, but suddenly the device isn’t just something you strap onto your arm when you’re heading out for a run. It wasn’t exactly easy to put away my beloved Longines and instead strap on this plastic band. Both Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up gets away with this, since you can keep wearing your watch. Basis did however listen to their consumers and released some new bands.

To synch with your computer, you have to remove the band (two separate pieces) and place it into a very badly designed cradle which you then have to connect via USB to your computer. It easily pops out or the connection gets lost. It’s basically very unstable.

And the worst thing; it doesn’t sync with other lifelogging apps or devices. My Withings BodyScale talks just fine with Runtastic and MyFitnessPal, so I don’t really understand why the Basis won’t do this?



If you’re into lifelogging and you find yourself facing a period of getting into shape and improve your health, then get the Basis. Use it as a tool to get yourself where you need to be and use it until you reach your goals.

But it’s not an accessory that you’ll be wearing all the time. You’ll start missing your real watch and it doesn’t sync with your favourite lifelogging apps or devices like Withings, RunKeeper, Runtastic or MyFitnessPal to name a few.

Visit the Basis website ($199) for more information.