And suddenly … it’s 2014.

I honestly don’t know exactly what happened.

2013 went by so very, very fast.

I did have time to do some cool stuff, like when I started the online agency Mad Science Digital. And, believe it or not, I did write some decent Doktor Spinn blog posts as well.

In this post I’m giving you … *drumroll* … the most popular Doktor Spinn posts of 2013!

Okay, okay, try to contain yourselves.

Here goes:

Well, maybe not 15 minutes exactly …

3 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Storytelling (And Business!) In Less Than 15 Minutes
Everyone loves to sing the praise of storytelling used as a marketing spin technique. But how do you find YOUR story? I present three easy-to-use scripts to get you started.

* * *

Beware that profanity might hurt your EdgeRank.

7 Classic Facebook Concepts For Your Page
This Doktor Spinn post was mostly written just for fun, but it got very popular. The techniques are pretty dumb to be honest and if you used them all the time, well … your fans would probably call you out. But sometimes fun’s just fun and that’s good enough.

* * *

I bet her husband’s one lucky dude.

Why (And How) You Should Do A Honeymoon Outreach
Put a ring on it! Well, not really. This post is about a proactive spin technique that will improve your blogger outreach results. And make you a better person, I think.

* * *

Send now? SendLater.

How I Optimise My Mac For Getting Work Done
I hate doing things twice. But I like to think that I’m a systematic kind of a person. Being tied to a computer most of the time, you need to have a solid system. In this post I present mine — in great detail.

* * *

This form will not be featured in Webdesigner’s Digest.

A Smart Trick On How To Land Online Publicity
I like to throw posts like this one out there. It’s not a big deal, just a little publicity technique I spotted via lifehacker Tim Ferriss. It won’t change the outcome of your strategy, but every little thing that helps … well, helps.

* * *

A totally unbiased observation: Wifey rocks!

How To Pitch TV News Reporters
So I had my wifey do a Doktor Spinn guest post. I was afraid that would be considered a pretty lame move on my part. But you guys seemed to like it and which spin doctor won’t like some free pitching advice from a bonafide TV reporter?

* * *

Up my sleeve, right?

9 Dark-And-Dirty Leadership Hacks
I was a bit hesitant about putting this post out there, too. Leadership is such tough subject to tackle and I’m not exactly covering this topic on the blog. But it was a fun post to write and I got some serious traffic from it!

* * *


How To Write A Blogger Outreach Email
I wish I could write posts like this all the time. Simple, plain and valuable. Easy to use and to the point. And a headline that explains exactly what the post is about. Good job, ME!

In conclusion: Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting in 2013, guys. And an extra big up to all you Swedes who sticks around even though I’m blogging in English.

Now, let’s have some fun doing digital marketing in 2014!

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