Oh yes, I loathe all people who in the beginning of their blog posts go on about their own lack of productivity, but here I am doing the same obvious mistake. My philosophy is that if you have something to say on your blog, say it. If you don’t, don’t. And don’t make excuses when you do. Even worse is to state that you’re too busy for your blog; it’s like inviting good friends over to your place and then saying that you’re too busy for them. Like it’s their fault somehow. It isn’t.

So having established that, let’s just catch up, shall we?

First of all, I’ve moved back to Stockholm, this beautiful city of ours! I’ll keep my role as Chief Operating Officer for Whispr Group’s New York office in a transition period and I’ll be sure to work in NYC from time to time, but as my local responsibilities increases, I’ll be focusing on our operations on this side of the Atlantic.

It’s almost a criminal offense to have such a beautiful wife and put her through a distance relationship for over a year, but it has given us the chance to be the bigger-picture kind of people we think we are. We want to be the kind of people who can do what others can’t simply because we’re strong enough to see it through. Goddamm honey, nothing can stop us now!

I’ve also been moving myself a lot lately. When the lease on my Battery Park studio was up, I temporarily moved to a crazy Christian-Bale-style apartment on the corner of Broad Street and Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street protesters literally woke me up in the mornings. Back in Sweden, I’ve moved to a nice apartment Frejgatan, Vasastan.

Lisah posing in the new apartment:

However, I already miss the team in NYC. They surprised me with a fancy dinner in Meatpacking District and I did actually give a speech, but now I feel like I didn’t say all the things I really wanted to say. Good thing is that I still Skype and email them all with the same crazy frequency as ever before. When you work twelve hour workdays with a small number of people, it really counts for something. Especially in the city that never sleeps.

Some of us are cool:

Some of us are creatives:

Some of us are maybe too deeply involved in our Social Media Intelligence department?

Even if it has been rough at times, all that time spent on Manhattan really helped me and Joakim, my partner and the founder of the agency, to find a shared vision for the future of digital marketing. Big words yes, but we’re not in this for the status quo of things.

Speaking of Whispr, we also have a new logo and a brand new visual profile thanks to Carl Anchér, our Art Director, and I’m looking forward to seeing it implemented in all our reports and presentations.

We’re 15 Whisprers right now and we have several recruitment processes running, a lot of case studies from doing international projects and we are proud to have such an esteemed client base for being such a young agency. We’ve also started the Stockholm recruitment process through word-of-mouth and I’ve had some truly great encounters the last couple of weeks. Everyone comes highly recommended and has great track records; how to choose I don’t know.


Our Stockholm office has a great location, I think. Next week we’ll be moving into a much bigger space within the same building. We’ll be sharing our own floor and entrance with our friends GuidePal. They’re growing like crazy, especially in Asia, and they just recently clocked 2.5M downloads on their mobile cityguide. Not bad for a Swedish startup and my guess is that they won’t be too anonymous for long…

Also, shortly after I landed in Stockholm, I went to a PR of Sweden Meetup at Scandic Grand Central, and it’s cool to see how those gatherings has a life of their own now. And the community PR of Sweden has new members each day and I have some ideas on how to spark even more activity into the forum during 2012.

What else? A lot of stuff, I think. Mine and Lisah’s one year wedding anniversary is coming up and I’m looking forward to that. I can’t believe it’s one year already. I think this year I’ll promise not to take off to some foreign country, I’m hoping that will be well received.

Maybe I should also arrange some sort of house warming party? And as soon as we have gotten situated in the new office, I guess we have to warm that place up as well. Also, I’ll be back up on stage giving a couple of seminars. I’ve promised myself to cut back on those and instead focus on doing things instead of talking about them, but still, it’s kind of fun.

So, there you have me. Its  lot of things going on and I might be bragging a bit, I know that. Maybe it’s the US still in me, or maybe it’s just me being proud of having worked really hard? Whatever it is, I’m glad to be able to focus on this side of the Atlantic for a while and hopefully also catch up with you guys as well!

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