Are you ready for a Brag of the Day? Here goes.

I’m nominated for Cision PR Influence Award 2012 as one of the five most influential Swedish PR professionals in digital. Like a boss. I was actually nominated last year as well, but since I didn’t actually lived in Sweden during 2011 (I lived in New York), I hope I might have better chances this year.

Here’s a shout-out to my tough yet handsome fellow competitors:

Paul ” The Silverback” Ronge

Paul won last year and he’s a seasoned PR- and journalism veteran. He’s also a talented blogger and a trusted advisor to a great many companies. He’s a frequent Twitter user and the digital talent runs in the family; his two sons are running the Swedish digital agency Deportivo with much success. Plus, he’s a cool dude.

Klout Score: 54

Ida “The Talent” Nilsson

Ida created a Facebook survey that heavily impacted both traditional and social media. Seems to be super smart and talented consultant and blogger. Maybe she should consider working at a pure digital agency with international clients doing large-scale campaigns across borders? Oh gosh, her employers are probably hating on me right now… well.

Klout Score: 61

Brit “The Oracle” Stakston

Anyone who’s into digital influence in Sweden knows who Brit is. She often takes on the larger perspectives in social, always from a purely human perspective. Making brands more human with common sense and with a passion for making the web a place for everyone, she has made an impressive impact, especially in the space between social and politics.

Klout Score: 70

Staffan “The Journo” Dopping

Okay, so 27 years in broadcast media is pretty impressive. Now a senior consultant at K Street Advisors, maybe the most senior agency in Stockholm. Staffan’s what I would call a social media natural, a person who just gets it, how social works. I’ve never met him in person, but I can tell that he’s excellent to follow.

Klout Score: 59

The winners will be presented at The Spinn Award Ceremony on November 14th, 2012. And no, there’s no connection between my blogger alias Doktor Spinn and the name of the award ceremony. They got their name four years after I did, so I take comfort in being Doktor “The Original” Spinn! :) Or, as Tyler Brule would put it: