So, what’s up these days? I’m sure some of you are only moderately interested in this, but for those of you who know me, it might serve a purpose. This is a personal blog after all, so maybe you guys can let me get away with this one?

My Blue And Yellow Heart

First and foremost, yes, I’m back full-time on Swedish soil. I’ve been back for about half a year already. And no, I don’t miss New York, not like that. Stockholm is awesome and I feel at home here. I miss my colleagues and our New York clients of course, but I’m in constant contact with all of them all of the time anyway. All in all, it feels great to be back!

A Place To Lay My Hat

First thing was to get a new apartment. We like the one we found; it has a balcony, a fire place and high ceilings. It’s not a highrise on Manhattan, there’s no doorman and definitely no laundry service, but the gym is just around the corner (not that I frequent it too often) and I can walk to the Whispr Group office in the mornings.

Building An Awesome Global Agency

My whole focus this spring has basically been to get Whispr Group Stockholm set up. We are soon five consultants and we have some awesome new clients. My title is COO and I work with strategies and processes for both our offices, but I sure do get my hands dirty as well. In a small agency, you do the job at hand—there’s no room for divas, that’s for sure. Our philosophy is that social media intelligence comes first, and that’s why we’re building a data-driven social media agency that knows online PR, web and content creation, e-commerce strategies, sharing logic, community management and advanced global monitoring and analytics.

Wifey Doing Her Thing

My wife Lisah keeps doing her thing as well, both as a reporter and as a news anchor. I’m super proud of her. Besides being the hottest news anchor around, she won Scoop of the Year for her reporting on cheating car park companies and she will be getting more airtime for TV4 Stockholm this summer. Also, her blog will probably be bigger than mine soon, hmmm… *trying hard not to care*

White Pussy In Paris

I haven’t been traveling all that much, not compared with last year at least, but I’ve been to Paris. And I have two more trips planned in the coming months since we have a new cool client there (I will tell you more about them at some point, but we’re only in the initial phase right now). When I took this picture, I wrote “White Pussy in Paris” and thought that I was the most hilarious guy around, but no retweets whatsoever. Well, well.

Coming Out As An Heterosexual

I did however start pinning. I do try a lot of new social media platforms, but this one really made an impact. Quite a few professional contacts, both clients and fellow industry colleagues, reacted on my boards on Pinterest (especially two of them named “Beautiful Women” and “Chicks With Guns”). People ask me if having these boards conflicts with my professional interests? I didn’t know it was a secret, so maybe coming out as an heterosexual male was long overdue anyway?

The Hamptons and Manhattan Via Brooklyn

But I did get to go to New York this spring still, since we decided to have Whispr Group’s first real kickoff in the Hamptons. We did workshops on the beach, stayed at the Swedish inn The Maidstone, did some wine tasting, some bicycling and some sailing. We’ve been working really hard, so it was nice to get away. I was also eager to visit our new office in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Dodging The Honey Trap

I found this old Time Magazine issue when I moved to a new apartment. Remember this one, guys? I feel that it’ll be symbolic for the rest of the spring. Shifting the focus to my personal well-being is the idea; I need to free up some time for the gym, get better sleep, eat vitamins and drink more water. To be able to take things to the next level, I need to take better care of myself. I’m soon 33, and working day and night sort of takes its toll. Work life balance, here I come.