Microsoft is a giant, and so was the web browser Internet Explorer. But, they fell from grace and it wasn’t the fault of the consumers.

They did it to themselves and that’s just the way it goes in business sometimes.

But now… well, Internet Explorer is campaigning for a comeback. Bigtime.

A Plead To Generation Nostalgia

It’s no secret that marketing nostalgia to the male gender born between 1970-1985 works.

Just look at all the comic heroes returning to the silver screen:

Playing to our collective childhood memories, there’s just no stopping the X-Mens, the Transformers and… well, Thor and Green Lantern (I guess the ideas ran out quickly).

So when my colleague Henrik Frenne showed me the clip below, I, as a perfect target demographic fit myself, just went “Awww!”

And I watched it from beginning to end.

If the clip doesn’t show, click here.

Awesome — and great nostalgic fun to watch, right? Maybe Internet Explorer deserves a second chance?

Why Microsoft, Why?

But hey… what’s this?

Why would they disable Youtube comments for a great video like this? This sets of two main lines of reasoning in my head.

1. If you do a campaign like this, you should be prepared to face the music. To hear the communities feedback. To show that you’re getting with the program by listening to feedback and participating in the discussion.

2. I smell a rat. Why wouldn’t they want to hear what people say? Sure, Internet Explorer isn’t exactly the most popular browser around, but if the browser is truly better, than why not let those who would sing its praise do so?

Well, I’m probably going to get the question, Jerry, what do you think of the new Internet Explorer?

So I decided to take the new browser out for a spin.

I checked out the campaign page, a Tumblr where I just couldn’t find a download link.

I then go to Google (no, not Bing, duh!) and I type in “Internet Explorer download” and I click the first hit. And this is what I find.

I need diffrent versions of Windows and Service Packs to run it. Say what?

So no, Microsoft. I don’t. <<< Click to tweet.