Dear PR Lovers — a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! Rules are basic, just bring a towel and don’t take alien orders.

And to the remind us of one of the most persuasive PR campaigns in human history, I quote Lukas Lilja via Mattias Sjöstrand:

“Time to once again celebrate the clever recruiters of Christianity who by the late Roman Empire came up with the brilliant idea to move the birth of Christ to late December so that Christians could also take part in the celebration of the pagan god Sol Invictus, but celebrate Christ instead. And do not let me get into how non-catholic country gets a Turkish saint who helped the poor to move to the north-pole and herd rein-deers. Then again, people getting together with their loved ones isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Holiday Greetings from Dalarna, Sweden!

There’s something about getting into the car and head up North that always makes me feel nostalgic.


Mora, a small town in Dalarna, Sweden where my wife Lisah’s from.


Lady strikes a ferocious pose while playing with us in the snow.


“Hey guys, keep up!”


A white Christmas is great, but I’m already gearing up mentally for next year. It’s going to be an awesome year!