Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 3.56.26 PMThis is pretty cool. Apparently, three students from Hyper Island’s program Digital Data Strategist has written a children’s’ book …

… about HTML coding.

Cody the Coder in My First Website takes the toddler through a magical world where he has to create his home (his website), and as you read through, one can’t be help become more famliar with the HTML code snippets necessary to build your first website.

Even adults can learn a lot from this:

In just a few pages, children’s eyes are opened to what the internet is, and how to make something of their own that utilises the World Wide Web to their benefit, all tied up in an exciting story of a little boy with his back pack full of coding tools.

Teaching kids code is an important challenge — maybe you remember my post on the subject?

Meet The Authors

1613“We owe it to our children to be able to teach them to understand code in a world where almost everything that they interact with on a daily basis will have some foundation in coding,” says Rosalyn Knapp.












sanna1_large (1)“Creating an experience where children can subconsciously become familiar and unafraid of handling code on a day to day basis, thus fuelling the next generation of code-savvy adults, or even developers, is so important to our core values and to a generation where coders are in such high demand,” says Sanna Nilsson.










lovisa1_large“If the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are campaigning for children to learn coding,” says Lovisa Levin, “it’s purely addressing the huge gap in current markets and in today’s educational systems. “











Where To Download The Ebook

My First Website — Cody the Coder’s Guide To HTML
(English version — 5.99 USD)

My First Website — Cody the Coder’s Guide To HTML
(Swedish version — 54 SEK)

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