Now, this makes me really excited. The Swedish start-up Memoto has finally revealed what they’re up to and I’m so very impressed by the launch and the potential of the actual product. Let me say a couple of words about the start-up to bring you up to speed on this nifty little camera gadget.

The Impressive Memoto Launch

With Swedish entrepreneur Martin Källström of recent Twingly fame as co-founder, I’ve been impressed by how Memoto has their online presence in shape even long before they even put their products into production. A good-looking website for harvesting email addresses, a manned Twitter and Facebook and a brand tonality—everything is in place.

But not only that. The team has also been focusing on online content creation. Except for tweets and status updates, they’ve also focused on creating videos. Not many companies devotes budgets and passion to their online content strategy even before the revealing of their actual product.

The Memoto Team members have also been active reaching out to influencers like yours truly. Besides from being invited to the launch, I also got reactions from them on my earlier post on the lifelogging trend and they helped me share it across their online networks.

The invitational launch event was held a couple of days ago on the 23rd of October, 2012 and even though I couldn’t attend myself, it sure made proper and relevant noise. In the morning, Memoto posted their project to Kickstarter, asking for funding. They reached double their asking target even before the actual event started. To date, they’re up to being funded to %500+ which is impressive.

Through donations from fans of this non-existing product, Memoto has raised 250K USD! Pretty good considering they don’t have to give away anything of their company to raise these funds. Of cours Memoto now has a new stretch goal, 350K USD.

(Notice also the flirt with the early adopter community regarding the number of  Kickstarter pledgers.)

So, What Is Memoto Really?

Memoto is just a little micro camera. It’s very small in fact. Check out the explanatory movie and you’ll get the idea.

The early adopter in me thinks about all the possibilities that will come with the web- and mobile interface. Creating personal lifelog movies for Facebook with a click. Optimizing your daily routines. Remembering things that you never saw, but you camera did. Health- and GPS-related applications. Showing moments when you cross paths with other Memoto users, creating a serendipity-driven social graph on top of Google Maps. The list goes on.

And yes, I want one. More than I even want the new iMac. And that’s a lot.

The Potential For Insane PR Opportunities

The secret sauce to PR, as I’ve written about before, is conflict. And gosh is there potential for conflicts with this new lifelogging gadget! Just imagine this:

  • How much in your daily life is a secret to the public?
  • How will people feel about being captured on their friends cameras?
  • How does this translates into the surveillance discussion?
  • Is this giving the monitoring power back to the people?
  • Is this just creepy, plain and simple?
  • What kind of communities will the faithful users create?

I could just go on. Now, with correct PR management, all of this will translate into free marketing for Memoto. Sure, there’s a risk of messing these opportunities up and having them backfire on the product sales, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think they’ll definitely will make the most of every opportunity!