Do you feel information overloaded?

Every now and then, I sure do.

If I’m completely honest (and this isn’t something I often tell people) — keeping up with all my inboxes is tough And in really hectic periods, I fail to keep up.

This is of course terrible. Especially when you’re a professional within the field of public relations like I am.

I don’t want to be a douchebag and I love those periods when I seem to be in high demand. I know it’s up to me to make it work.

Is It Filter Failure?

The super smart Clay Shirky once said, “it’s not information overload, it’s filter failure.” And I agree, wholeheartedly.

But that doesn’t make it easy, you know?

Some say that there will be countless reactions to our fast-paced age. People do experiments where they “disconnect” from internet and technology and enter a sort of induced IT celibacy.

But I don’t buy into crap. Heck, I want more communication.

I want more interaction.

I want to meet more new interesting people, and I want to have meaningful relationships with people who I already consider to be friends — just as much.

The answer to an over-crowded lifestyle can’t really be isolation?

What I Do Want To Get Rid Of

At the same time, there are stuff in my life that I really do want to get rid of.

You see, I’m that kind of guy who would be very happy if I had only one outfit that worked for everything.

Of course, I’m a cleanly person, so I would of course need multiple pairs of the same type of jeans, t-shirts and so on.

Still, I would be very happy with that. I respect people who express themselves with their outfits, but I’ve never been passionate about it.

So, less types of clothes would be great!

Other Stuff That I Could Do Well Without

As a digital geek, I love the idea of storing everything from scanned documents to photos in the cloud.

To go through life “paperless”, in lack of a more suitable word for it.

I love books, but I’ve grown accustomed to ebooks, so they could very well go as well.

Also, I constantly find myself having for instance two bags which does the same thing, but without me being in love with either of them.

And then all the stuff I haven’t used in over 12 months … why do I still have that stuff?

“I’m A Kit-Guy, Yes I Am”

So, going caveman might be the answer. Kiss materialism goodbye and all of that.


I do love my tech gadgets. It might sound pathetic, but they do bring me much joy in life.

So I reckon I’m not the kind of guy who’d like to go “buddhist-munk-all-in”.

But I am a kit-guy, for sure.

But what is a kit-guy?

Well, i just made that label up, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this:

A kit-guy (or kit-girl) loves to have kits for everything. Here are some handy kits that are just grab-and-go:

> A travel kit (different kits for different lengths of travel of course)

> A giving-a-seminar-kit (with seminar outfit, clickers, adapters etc)

> A zombie apocalypse kit (a must have with my #1 man-crush, Bear Grylls and his survival stuff from Amazon)

> A top notch sewing kit (a piano black box makes it a bit more masculine, right?)

> A shoe care box in cedar oak

And so on and on and on. And my idea is; if I can’t kit it, I’ll toss it.

So where to go from here?


Living more with less. Logo by Joakim Nyström at Bloggbyrån.

Living More With Less — The #Crop100 Movement

I stumbled across the project #Crop100 by Swedes Michael “Digital McGyver” Kazarnowicz and Fredrik “Bison” Wass.


If you read this blog regurarily you might remember Fredrik as the guy who started the massive blogging groundswell in Sweden not too long ago. And Michael is a fellow lifehacker, in short two really cool dudes.

They decided to get rid of 100 things in a year. You can read all about it on this landing page — where you also can sign up to be a part of the movement.

So I did. I’m going to commit to this, Like Bear Grylls would have said.

How And Where To Log

Now, I’m not going to write up a blog post each and every time I get rid of something. I dare say it wouldn’t be all that interesting to you guys checking out my blog to catch my thoughts on digital marketing.

(And frankly, if I did, this blog would be more about getting rid of stuff than about digital marketing, given my current posting frequenzy.)

But I’m thinking that I’ll do a post with a listing of every 20 items? That’s like five posts in a year. (How do you like them mad math skillz, ey?)

And I’ll do my best to incorporate digital marketing into those posts, one way or the other. I’m not exactly sure how, but I’m sure it can be done somehow.

So here I go — starting the 30th of May 2013. for 1 year, 100 things less! The goal: More time for teh internetz, not less!

Wish me luck!