I got a few questions from Monica Enecrona, student at Hyper Island. She and her study group is putting together a global social media launch strategy and wanted me to answer a few questions.

1. Which are the biggest and most important social networks besides Facebook globally? How do publics on these network share with each other?
2. How to execute when there’s a fixed global launch date? When to start advertising?
3. Any strategy advice? Any do’s and don’ts?

My Answers To The Hyper Island Students

1. Yes, it’s true that Facebook is a one of a kind social network. China has their Renren and Russia their VKontakte, but in general, Facebook is very important.

However, a successful campaign depends more on how well the global social media launch strategy engages the target public, rather than how wide the chosen platforms’ reach is.

I usually say that the psychology of sharing depends on four key factors, see my sketch below.

So, here’s how you go about it at first:

Step 1: Determine business objectives and attach KPIs
Step 2: Do research online to find out what triggers those who you want to activate
Step 3: Decide on central platforms and tailor kickass creative around this
Step 4: From your strategy, create a project plan and get into execution mode
Step 5: Manage the online reactions throughout—the campaign ain’t over until it’s over

2. You need to get people onto your chosen channels, whether it’s a campaign site, a Facebook Page, a Twitter hashtag or any other central activation hub.

Please don’t use ad buys for this, it’s nine times out of ten a poor use of social media marketing budget.

Instead map and target online and offline influentials and get their help to spark interest.

The key to a successful global launch is to have trusting mutual relationships with local influencers.

Once you get the first burst of traffic onto your platform, you need to ramp up their engagement.

Simply put, everyone who participates needs to pull in at least two new participants.

You can’t ramp up without the initial endorsements from those who are in the know, and you can’t leverage a successful global campaign if you don’t activate the first wave of users’ social graphs.

3. Start with listening, or otherwise you won’t have any idea if your strategy will hold up.

And be prepared that activating influencers for an unknown brand will take at least 3-4 weeks and must be done in the local language.

Social graph activation can be tricky from a legal standpoint, so your creative and technical must be thoroughly tested and approved.

As for strategy here, make sure to take the 1-9-90 rule into consideration.

For instance:

1% Creators—Uploads images to participate in the campaign to show off their skills
9% Contributors—Votes, shares and comments because it benefits themselves
90% Lurkers—Enjoys themselves while studying social interactions of others

Good luck!