How many hours each day do you spend in front of different screens? If you frequent my blog, then chances are you’re quite in love with all things digital. So you probably spend way too much time in front of screens and therefore you constantly strain your eyes.

Advanced Computer And Gaming Eyewear

Earlier, I reviewed Flux, a genius and lightweight app to reduce the blue light as soon as the sun goes down outside. I still use it and it has reduced the stress on my eyes quite notably. So why shouldn’t the Gunnar Optiks Eyewear be a good idea? You could look cool and save your eyes at the same time.

Well, I have a pair SS Scope Onyx/Carbon at home (thanks to @Tsivkyn!) to try out now.

Now, is this a ploy? Here’s one comment to consider over at PCWorld:

” I went to my opthamologist on 11/12/12 and he said that the Gunnar glasses as computer glasses are really a waste and can cause more eye strain. He said only people with perfect 20/20 vision or better should use the over the counter lenses. He said it is better to get a pair of true prescription computer glasses, even for those that have 20/20 vision. I ordered mine and they were $80 bucks with insurance. The doc also set the prescription to be stronger than 20/20 so that looking at the screen for 16 hours a day my eyes can relax. The yellow tint reduces the amount of blue light which your eyes will see causing less stress. Just because you can pick them up at the store or you see ‘hardcore’ gamers wear them doesn’t mean they are answer. Always check with your eye care professional before purchasing eyewear.”

Never Borrow 3D Eyewear At The Cinema Again

Still, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a second pair while I’m at it. Because I got to thinking yesterday when I went to see The Hobbit 3D yesterday.

I love watching 3D movies in theatres, but whenever you get those clunky hand-out glasses at the cinema, I feel like “no, this isn’t right”. And no, they aren’t particularly good either. So, any geek with some sort of self respect should bring their own 3D eyewear to the movie. Am I right? Circular polarized, RealD compatible lenses with distortion free polarization and wide-field viewing to enhance 3D effects.

I’m considering these 3D glasses, Gunnar Midnight.