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On a personal note I spent the last couple of weeks in Stockholm and in between meetings, deliverables and the occasional blog post I met up with some people who I really consider to be my friends. From quite a few of them I got a some reactions I really didn’t expect…

Some of them were actually worried about my health, which of course was a bit alarming. I’m really okey; I eat my vitamins and I workout at least once or twice a week, I very rarely drink alcohol and I’m a very happy camper overall. I could use some more sleep, a hobby and some down-time every once in a while, but I think that goes for must of us. I’m just glad to have friends who care.

But they also told me I looked somewhat worn-out. And that’s not good, not good at all. Playing a senior role in a fast-growing digital agency in a competitive environment, managing clients in very different time zones and constantly traveling between New York and Stockholm maybe takes it’s toll? Making two homes and a long-distance relationship work, keeping up an quite extensive online persona and staying ahead of trends and blogs sure is no walk in the park either.

It’s a classic honeytrap, of course. Your passions leads you astray without you knowing what’s really going on. And maybe I do look a bit worn-out when I face myself in the bathroom mirror? In any case, I think all consultants out there know what I’m talking about—we all end up in front of that mirror reflection several times during a career. So, since I consider listening to be a virtue, I will be somewhat less active here on the blog now for a couple of months.

“A little less conversation” is of course not the entire regimen. I will also workout more and sleep more and also try to get myself some sort of hobby; one that is not related to PR in any way. I honestly have no idea what that might be, but I would be very grateful for any suggestions on normal-people-hobbies—whatever that may entail.

Since you’re my kind of people, dear readers, what do you do when you’re not into the basic stuff like love and work? Are you a bunch of golfers and yogis or what? Please share.

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