What digital camera would you recommend?

Here’s the background to my question. Some years ago, I didn’t care for photography. But then I met my wife to be who was, and still is, a good television photographer. I started making an effort with my iPhone and had a lot of fun with filters and stuff.

But now I want to step it up. And I’ve quickly realised that digital cameras belongs to a universe I’ve rarely visited.

My idea is to start illustrating my blog posts with my own photos. So I need a good camera to make this fun. And before you ask, here’s what I’m looking for:

Reasonable price. I don’t mind paying for quality, but I’m a bloody n00b, remember? If I’d pay more than $2,300 I’m pretty sure my lack of skills would mean that most of the investment is wasted.

Looking cool. I’ve always thought that Leica cameras look really cool. But I don’t think I’ll be able to find one within my budget. And I’m not sure that a compact camera is the way to go. maybe I need one of those with removable objectives?

Easy digital transfers. Are there any cameras with wifi transfer? I hate the idea of plugging in my camera with a yet another usb cable.

Shooting movies. I’ve heard that Canon cameras are great at also shooting movies at great quality. Is this the way to go?

Great for blogging. Yeah, since, well… I’m a blogger.

Please help me out here. I know there are great camera tech geeks out there. Your favourite digital cameras for blogging?