Facebook is an important window into your organisation. But it can be truly daunting to come up with ideas and concepts on what to publish. Recognise this?

So, here are a couple of classic Facebook concepts using the Facebook Page of our new agency Mad Science Digital as sandbox to do some experiments in.

Some can be seen as a bit cheesy for sure, but maybe you can find your own fresh takes on these?

1. Daily Questions

It might not be the most creative status update in the world to just ask an arbitrary question not really related to your business. But it’s a way to hear from your fanbase on a personal level. And surely you can tweak it to make it your own, right?

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2. Quirky Lifestyle Statements

Think about Pinterest. People love wise and quirky statements. People like them because they can tell their friends something about themselves by sharing them. You should share statements emphasising your brand, otherwise you’ll only end up attracting fans that will be impossible to convert your fans’ engagement into anything useful down the line.

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3. Quirky Milestones

Milestones are there — and you probably use them. But most use them for the most obvious of reasons. But why not use them for other stuff also? “First ever …” is a fun concept that can be used forever.

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4. Epic Meme Updates

You can post a meme — or you can use a handful of different web services to generate your own. Mostly fun, but they could be used to make your point as well. But beware, if you go crazy with all types of funny memes on your business page, you will attract mostly “Memeheads” to your page and they will want to have more and better memes constantly rather than being interested in your business.

5. Say Thank You

Now, this is a classic — saying thank you to your fans, often when you reach an even number of fans. But you could also rework this classic concept and try to find a voice and a fresh take on it.

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6. One Word Answer Updates

Now, this is gone-fishing-for-comments on steroids so handle this one with extreme caution. And you won’t get any bonus points for coming up with this idea either, because it’s been done · and then done some more. However, if used rarely, it can be extremely fun. And useful, if your fans can teach you something about them.

Or by the very least unleash their hashtag creativity.

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7. Yay Or Nay Posts

This is often more fun than those mostly boring Facebook polls. It’s a variation on the One Word Answer Posts, but with only two opposite alternatives. To make it less standardised, you can always use other words than “yes” or “no”.


Now It’s Your Turn

So there you have them. Not groundbreaking, but still useful. Now it’s your turn: Do you know of any easy Facebook techniques?

Oh, and please feel free to join our new Facebook Page and let’s have some fun!

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