I just ordered a Basis—thanks to Being Micke Kazarnowicz for the tip!

Now, does it look good? In my opinion, it doesn’t even begin to compare to my Longines. Even my cheap retro Casio looks better. Or my Victorinox.

Now, I know it isn’t exactly fair to compare this gadget with regular watch brands, but since I intend to wear it on my arm instead of a regular watch, well…

I guess I have to make that comparison.

I got the black one. It doesn’t ship until Christmas and it doesn’t ship to Sweden, so I had to order it to our NYC office and have them ship it home to me.

When it comes to design, I guess it’s more fair to compare it to Jawbone’s Up or Nike+ FuelBand. Or Memoto (I blogged about some time ago). And doesn’t it remind you of the Swedish wristwatch MuteWatch?

Anyway, here’s how it works (click here if video doesn’t show in your RSS reader):

Pretty darn cool, if I may say so. I guess it’s no secret that I’m pretty enthusiastic about the whole lifelogging trend (hey, I blogged about that one too).

What Am I Expecting From The Basis?

I hope it will get me better sleep. That it will encourage me to excersice more. And that it will be a fun toy to play with. And also, I’m hoping that it will be exciting to see what they can do with the raw data in the dashboard.

And to see what happens when they open up their API.

But that’s what I’m hoping for.

I’m expecting it to be a bit plastic and rubbery.

I’m expecting it will be difficult to leave my REAL watch at home in the morning. A lot of lifelogging gadgets hasn’t exactly lived up to consumer expectations (bad Jawbone Up reviews and recalls, anyone?), so I’m expecting quite a few firmware upgrades before it works they way it should.

I also expect the data to not be very accurate.

Measuring heart rate via a seeing sensor looking through my skin? And what about air humidity or how loose I prefer to wear my Basis on the wrist? A lot of thing that potentially can mess up the readings.

I think I might be a bit frustrated that it doesn’t come with GPS, but I might be wrong here. It’s not like I use RunKeeper very often and if I on a rare occassion do go out running, well… then I’ll have RunKeeper I guess.

Battery life, then?

Let’s just say that I’m almost never positively surprised (except for my original iPad, it just goes on and on and on). So, I’ll just have to wait and see.

I promise to write up a review when I’ve used it for a couple of weeks. My expectations are low, but I do really see potential as well!

What do you think? Do you use any lifelogging gadgets or apps?