I can’t be alone in relying on my iPhone to wake me up in the morning, right?

So, naturally I’ve been contemplating getting myself a dock that will charge the phone while I’m sleeping and enhance the sound of my chosen wake-up song.

But here’s the problems with most docks I’ve looked at:

1. They don’t support streaming.

2. They don’t have support for multiple alarms or no snooze button.

3. They don’t look good or they don’t sound good.

But I think I will give the Bose Wave Music System III a go. Looks cool and I’ve already given it a listen—it sounds good, too.

I have a couple of Bose speakers at home already, and I’m happy with them. And as a marketing guy, I really like their sloga, Better Sound Through Research. Kind of like Audi’s cool slogan, Vorsprung Durch Technik, which is another favourite of mine.

And, I’ve already chosen a soft mashup from The White Panda to be my wake-up song. Can’t wait!