Are you involved in blogger outreach?

Or, are you responsible for creating engaging Facebook posts for your company?

Let’s see if we can kill two birds with one stone in this quick post.

We’ll start with how to post on Facebook and finish up with a very powerful way of adding incentives to your pitch.

Here goes:

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Facebook Post

Salesforce reached out to tell me about Jennifer Burnham’s infographic Blueprint For A Perfect Facebook Post (Images).

I like Salesforce, especially since they acquired an even cooler company, Radian6. I think it shows that they’re serious about social integration and CRM.


In all its simplicity, I thought it was very useful. It’s the little things, you know.


But I’d also like to give Salesforce a big up for their pitch.

Here’s why.

+ A Blogger Pitch Secret

I work with blogger outreach from time to time. But… I’m also a blogger myself.

This has its perks. For one, it’s great fun to be pitched by others.

I’m always a gentleman (or I try to be!), but most pitches are rubbish for countless reasons.

But in this pitch, Salesforce used  technique that I’ve been using myself with much success and it goes hand in hand with my favourite social media mantra, “sharing is caring”.

Here’s one of the things they said in their pitch:

“If you decide to blog about it, I’ll send a hundred relevant visitors directly to your post from our social media campaign as a way of saying thank you. Just email me a link to your post and I’ll send the traffic.”

Oh yes. Bloggers know traffic. And they love it, myself included. It’s currency.

And this is a resource that most companies have, traffic to send to the blogger. Those of you who don’t blog might think that this sounds very “transactional”, but most bloggers love this.

It’s “speaking our language”.

Now, I don’t know if Salesforce will link back to me when I’m giving away one of their pitching secrets like this, but that’s okay.

Just remember to always ask yourself, do I have any traffic streams to send a collaborating blogger’s way? If so, don’t be shy to use it!