The Sales Lion, a blog I’ve just recently started to follow, is blogging about Blog World New York and posted about a couple of bloggers he would like to kidnap and finished up his post with a question:

“If you could kidnap (or kindly borrow ;-) ) any blogger, who would it be and why?”

So, I will highlight some Swedish supernova bloggers, which is kind of patriotically fitting since I’m back in Stockholm now for a couple of weeks.

I’m thinking of kidnapping a bunch of bloggers with different kind of new media expertise for some sort of corporate venture. You know, change the world and stuff. I need some really smart movers and shakers who can make the web work for them. Here goes:

The Account Team

We need some people who can take care of the client from A to B, even though we probably will have to secure the specific funding without knowing what the project would be exactly. So we need bigger picture people here.

Johan Ronnestam
A guy who implements holistic strategies for the future. Charming guy as well. High EQ and we all need all of that for this project which we don’t know anything about yet.

Micco Grönholm
Connected social media natural who’s a great communicator and a real online gentleman. Thought leader in branding and a master in making complex matters easy to understand.

Judith Wolst
Knows PR, knows e-commerce, knows social. I think that if you get Judith, Johan and Micco into a room with a troubled client, solutions will be found every time.

The Think Tank

I need some deep thinkers to lay out both the groundwork and the framework to make sure we’re at the absolute forefront of what we do in this project. They will be locked into a sealed room, yes. If nothing else, we could make money out of their music.

Jesper Åström
The project – whatever it is – need to accomplish real change. People need to take action. Therefore we need a leading expert on converting web traffic. Jesper can also bring his guitar, please.

Niclas Strandh
We also need a guy who knows everything about everything and also has a firm opinion on—everything. Niclas can bring some electronic drums, please.

Mattias Östmar
We’re not just going to get people to do stuff, we’re going to change their mindsets. So we need inception expert Mattias as well. Mattias can bring a keyboard, please.

Sofia Mirjamsdotter
Someone to keep it real in the tank, someone who can outsmart the rest of the bunch in case they loose touch with reality. Someone who can bring it all together and be realistic. Hopefully Sofia can sing or something. Please?

Investor Relations

We’re going to have to raise capital, because something tells me that we’ll be needing additional funding for this yet unnamed project. We need someone who knows her way around the startup angel investor scene and who could get us properly funded.

Paula Marttila
Paula would understand what we’re trying to achieve with this project (whatever that is?) and she has the right connections to put us in touch with start-up investors who can fund our project.

The Creative Team

Turning ideas, concepts and strategies from what they are into reality is difficult. So I need people whom I trust with craftsmanship. I think these bloggers would make an excellent creative team.

Erik Starck
I think this guy will be leading the creative team. I think he is smarter than all of us and that he can bring it all togehter and create something coherent from all of this craziness. A lot lies with him and I think he would earn that respect from the team quickly.

Emma “opassande” Andersson
I know what she can do, and she’s my secret recipe. I think she could overthrow a government if she’d put her mind and a budget to it. Heck, she almost did without a budget once. She knows what makes people tick, both intellectuals and commoners.

Nikke Lindqvist
A Grandmaster SEO will come in handy. Nikke understands not only search engines, but also the psychology behind the search. And that is too cool for school.

Per Axbom
We need someone who can create web platforms that are designed to work with human beings. Per will also be in charge of leading the developers.

Project Management

We need people who open up doors, get things to happen. Movers and shaker, people who won’t take no for an answer, who can coordinate, who simply knows stuff about getting stuff done.

Annika Lidne
Annika makes stuff happen, it’s not just talk with her. I’m sure that if she was given a mission that she believes in, she would hunt it down relentlessly. I think she would make a good leader for the Project Management team.

Therese Reuterwärd
Seems to be a smart and action-oriented individual. Something tells me she’s going places and the project needs an up-n-comer with lots of energy and clarity.

Tor Löwkrantz
Tor is specifically assigned to make this into a measurable project and to make sure that we know that we’re in fact measuring the right things.


And finally, yours truly…

Jerry Silfwer
I’m used to managing talent and I’m communicative enough to get all these strong-willed people to work well together. I will get everyone to clearly see the “what’s-in-it-for-me” part as well as the vision. Or simply be the guy who fires those who don’t.

So yes, I think I would kidnap these Swedish supernova bloggers. And then I would want to change the world somehow using online and social. I’m not sure how, but I’m sure that these people together could figure that easily if I just add some structure and deadlines into the mix.