Guest post by Johannes Sundlo, digital specialist at AcademicWorks.

I work a lot with Facebook in my job, especially with our Facebook page.

And it’s almost inevitable to now and then look at other Facebook pages for inspiration.

My favourite?

The Social Media President himself, of course.

The Social Media President

My absolute favorite Facebook page is Barack Obama’s.

Here’s why:

Already in the election of 2008, Obama became known for using social media to reach out with his message and in last year’s election campaign, he continued using social media as an important platform to gain votes, including a notable appearance on Reddit.

(By the way, nice to publish a topic like, “Hey, I’m the President. Ask me anything.” Must put that on my to-do list.)

You can analyze his use of social media in all possible ways, but I’ll let someone else do that. I want to focus on his Facebook page.

So, what is it that makes Barack Obama so great on Facebook?

1. Qualitative

As in the picture below. A picture and a quote. Simple but well produced.

A professional photo but that flirts with the pictures from Instagram in terms of design and layout.

As long as I followed Obama I don’t believe he has ever published a picture that has not been of excellent quality.

Do you want a page to compare with, check out Stefan Löfvens (Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party).

He’s a little bit behind Obama in terms of quality…

Barack Obama rocks Instagram as well.

2. Relevant

Obama is always relevant. He pay’s attention to what happens on specific days.

As in today’s picture (below).

Again, a simple picture with a super simple – but relevant! – caption that lets us know that he knows it’s Super Bowl today and that he thinks it’s important.

28,000+ Likes in 4 minutes. Fantastic.

On a global level, this might be seen as trivial. (Now I’m probably upsetting the Super Bowl fans here. Sorry about that. I mean Super Bowl in relation to the crisis in the Middle East or something like that.)

But he’s connecting on subjects that do matter to people on Facebook, rather than anything else.

3. Personal

I understand that it’s not the President himself updating Facebook. But still, there is a personal touch in every post.

As in the picture below, on his wife’s birthday. A behind the scene shot. Exclusive to us. And it doesn’t look artificial or staged. It feels like we get a sneak peak into their everyday life.

It has 737,000 likes and has been shared over 47,000 times.Those personal posts touches people.

What if our Swedish politicians could do the same as Obama?

Obviously, it is a matter of resources, but I would say that it’s something for modern politicians and leaders to prioritise.

Swedish politicians, well, they tend to not use Facebook at all. And if they do, they share links.

We might not have the same cult of personality around our politicians, but do I think that Fredrik Reinfeldt [edit: Sweden’s Prime Minister] should rock his Facebook page, too — Obama-style.