Dear Jerry,

I hope you are well! We are working hard to create our agenda for […] . Following on from our discussions at the two latest conferences about Social Media, we have the following proposition:

It does appear that experts and many commentators are beginning to gather around the notion that perhaps social media marketing is really more for direct consumer relations than for b2b work, for instance, read this piece:

So I am writing to invite you to speak to our conference via video link (most likely on Skype) from where ever you may find yourself on […] .

We would like you to address exactly the question of SM B2B relevance and perhaps confirm to the notion that it may not have the importance we believed 18 months ago. In fact, it may explain why […] has not succeeded in getting a SM group really to work, and also why we have no b2b case studies on SM to show […] , in spite of years of talk!

I honestly believe your input would be very much appreciated by […] . It would also be a good way to follow up the previous year’s discussions and the input you provided. In total, I don’t expect you to speak for more than perhaps max 15 minutes. So what do you think – I would be delighted if we can make this work!

Best, […]

Where to start? Should I be offended that they obviously didn’t listen to me the last time around? Or flattered that they want to hear me talk again, even though they obviously thought that I was wrong? And what could I possibly say in 15 minutes that will change their perspective?