I work with blogger outreach professionally — and I blog myself privately (obvously!). This is actually a VERY interesting combination.

Here’s why:

I used to get maybe 4-5 pitches per week. This is not very much some might argue. But still, it teaches me a lot about the art of blogger outreach since I get to play for both teams.

But I’ve noticed that the Swedish pitches are much more poorly executed than the international ones.

International Blogger Outreach Efforts Are … Better

Most pitches I get from international senders are actually quite good.

A. Not too formal, but never too friendly either. No blogger wants corporate speak, but we don’t like people who pretend that we are friends either.

B. No enclosed press releases or images and most of the times they signal clearly that they have read my blog, which is nice.

C. A clear angle that’s relevant for my blog and it’s not a mass email or some list which has just generated my first name automatically.

D. And often they’re quite at explaining what’s in it for me, as a blogger. They explain why publishing this post would be good for me, too.

However, most Swedish pitches falls short in most of these aspects. Why is this so?

What’s The Problem With The Swedes?

Way too many Swedes still do the press release thing. And so many still do mass mailings.

Those who signal that they actually like me and my blog are just way too friendly, to a level where it sometimes becomes absolutely ridiculous.

So, speaking as a Swede myself, for the sake of our nation’s reputation online, let’s all just get the basics right, okay?

Well, sorry for ranting, dear readers. It’s just one of those days.

Here’s a picture of a cat riding an invisible bike: