I love PR (public relations)
Image by DoktorSpinn via Flickr

Selling PR isn’t the easiest thing in the world. PR is not that easy to explain and the results out of a series of relationships with key influencers can never be guaranteed. But this leaves a lot of room for your agency to differentiate from the rest of the lot.

Being easy to buy from is all on you. It’s not about making the client understand your deck of capabilities or about you pushing harder. It’s about you understanding what the client can do and start from there.

1. Suggest activities they can afford.

2. Suggest directions which won’t undermine your contact internally.

3. Suggest concepts that aligns with their passions.

Shooting for the stars is always fun – for you. But not for the client who is forced to say no because you haven’t done your homework. You and you alone is responsible for earning your clients’ trust. Always expect to earn your creative freedom gradually.


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