Have you tried Achtung! yet?

It’s very basic retro game but also very addictive, so be warned.

Since I like the game myself (and it has a killer soundtrack!), I decided to shoot some questions at Charlie Malmqvist, the cool Swede behind it.

Jerry: Where did you get this idea and how long did it take to develop?
Charlie: I got the idea when I was enjoying a classic sauna session in September last year. Me and some friends had been playing the old-school game achtung, die kurve! on computer for a while.

I realised the simplicity and feeling of the game would fit perfect as an iPhone game.

I looked through AppStore and to my surprise I didn’t find any Achtung app worthy its name.

The other versions just didn’t have the right feeling! So I made it my mission to create the best Achtung die kurve! app on the market!

And I think me and my team found the magic recipe!

Jerry: Will you be developing more games professionally or is this more of a project on the side?
Charlie: The journey actually took much longer than we first expected. We started to understand why no one had made a successful iPhone remake of the game.

First of all we realized the obvious; the iPhone screen is simply too small to handle more than 2 players. But Achtung is definitely best enjoyed with 3 players or more so we decided to make an app that support 4 player over Bluetooth.

This is where it got interesting!

It is surprisingly hard to create a realtime game like this without any lags that disturb the gameplay. The other Achtung aps settled for the 2-player mode played on one iPhone.

That was just not good enough for us! So after almost a year of programming and testing we finally solved the problem with lags and we were ready to release Achtung Multiplayer. At last…

Achtung Multiplayer is my first game for iPhone, but I will definitely keep on developing more apps. Our goal is to make games that attracts the older users of iPhone.

We are not into ”mini-nini-tiny-wing games” with cuddly toys.

I really appreciate good classic design and I truly believe that the app experience gets a lot richer with correct design. So getting the right look is very important for us when we develop apps.

Jerry: Would you consider yourself a gamer and where did you get the inspiration from?
Charlie: I wouldn’t consider myself as a classic gamer in the sense that I play all the new games. I prefer the retro games and the very simple games.

If you want to stand out in the app jungle we think its important to keep the idea simple and work on building a story around the app.

Achtung Multiplayer is all about telling the story about the brilliant game that takes a minute to learn but an eternity to master!

Right now we are working on an iPad version of Achtung Multiplayer.

Our next project is an interesting BMX game that really differs from the games on the market. Its not about doing as many tricks as possible, instead we are creating a story which contains a big variety of strange and fun missions, such as competing against a chopper or delivering pizzas.

Download Achtung! here!