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Initiative Q’s Viral Loop

Initiative Qs go-to-market strategy is a powerful viral loop.
Viral math. This image shows random equations with the text "viral loops" written over it.

Viral Loops (and some Math)

Do you aspire to design viral loops for your business? Bring out your calculator — it's time for viral math.

PR for Startups

Getting traction for a bootstrapped startup can be tough. I've put together a startup roadmap for accelerated PR in a four-step process, including workshop material and spreadsheets.

The Engagement Wave

Are you responsible for your company's blog? And are you struggling with sharing numbers that never seems to go up, no matter how awesome content...

3 Smart Rules For Going Viral + 2 Extra Smart Rules

Here are some of the smartest rules for going viral. Don't hesitate to share this post!