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Viral math. This image shows random equations with the text "viral loops" written over it.

Viral Loops (and some Math)

Do you aspire to design viral loops for your business? Bring out your calculator — it's time for viral math.

Socialising Ourselves to Death

Is social media the future of communication — or is it a breeding ground for hate groups, fake news, and click-baits?

How to Keep Up with Online Trends

How do you keep up with digital trends in today's wired world — and must you become a Pokémon marketing expert now?

The Follower Contract

Did you know? There's an invisible contract between a brand and its social following. And here's why that contract matters.

How to Build a Personal Brand

We all have the tools we need to build our personal brands. And by using this personal brand framework, you can, too.
snapchat for grown ups

Snapchat for Grown Ups

With Snapchat, you can just "snap away" and not be too concerned with quality, since you're not adding anything to a stored public profile.

The Social Media Fakers

Do you follow someone on social media with a picture-perfect lifestyle, but you suspect that they're just faking it?