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Socialising Ourselves to Death

Is social media the future of communication — or is it a breeding ground for hate groups, fake news, and click-baits?
dear journalist, broken heart

Dear Journalist

You seem to think that PR pros only care about publicity, but we don't. We have, however, begun seeing other people.

The Social Media Fakers

Do you follow someone on social media with a picture-perfect lifestyle, but you suspect that they're just faking it?

The Platitude Sickness

"You should ensure that all your marketing efforts are effective." According to Wikipedia: "A platitude...

The New Marketing Elite

Whether they freelance or build lifestyle businesses, they are becoming the new online marketing elite, a force in marketing to be reckoned with.

The West Wing Bible Scene

I know it's just a television show and all, but it's still so gratifying to see President Bartlett deliver this epic burn.

All Schools Should Teach Kids How To Code

All schools should teach kids how to code; code is the universal global language that allows anyone to convey new ideas across borders.