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The ‘AI Anchor’ in China

Well, this escalated quickly. So, the Chinese government has found a way to cut costs and add speed to...

Tell Longer Stories

The minification of the media landscape might be an illusion.

How Fascism Works

“If you use history and philosophy as a guide, it’s easy to see parallels between Trump’s words and those of the most reviled fascists in history.”

How to Fight Populism

Populism is brewing in many Western democracies. Is there a way to fight back? It may be too late — at least this time around.

How ‘Alternative Facts’ is a Thing

Some people believe the craziest things — despite being proven wrong. Science can explain why people are stupid.
dear journalist, broken heart

Dear Journalist

You seem to think that PR pros only care about publicity, but we don't. We have, however, begun seeing other people.