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My Twin Peaks Theory

The Twin Peaks finale left me sad and empty. But what if the show ended on a positive note? This is my "happy ending" theory.

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery

Why are there four dots ending the intros and opening crawls in Star Wars? And is there really such a thing as a 'four dot ellipsis'?

Taking On Stupid Majorities

A formula on how to succeed with an underdog PR strategy for your business — by identifying a stupid majority.

My DIY Content Marketing Experiment

Content marketing doesn't have to be difficult. This simple strategy proves it — and you can use it, too.

honeymoon outreach

The Honeymoon Outreach

Learn the Honeymoon Outreach Technique and increase your influencer marketing success rate.

Rockstar Consultants: What’s Their Secret?

How do you recognize talent? It took me many years to find one common denominator for all rockstar consultants.

acceleration theory

The Acceleration Theory (The Maurice Greene Post)

The acceleration theory on why it's less important to reach maximum velocity fast, and more important to prolong the acceleration phase.