How do you persuade anyone of anything? It requires careful preparations, active listening — and good ethics.

by JERRY SILFWER aka Doctor Spin
Expert in corporate communications and online persuasion

We must all persuade someone every now and then.

And — there are thousands of techniques on how to do this in various situations:

Some techniques are about power and authority, others about psychology (tag:psychology) and behavior (tag:behavior). Some techniques are scripts, others a matter of being persistent and not giving up.

If you’re selling fast-moving consumer goods, it’s all about placement — where is your product when your prospect happens to be susceptible to suggestion.

If you’re selling more expensive products, especially to other companies, a proven track-record might instill enough trust in your “target.”

Or, if you’re trying to win someone over romantically, body language, mannerisms, and pheromones might just get you laid.

Still — how do you persuade anyone of anything?

Here goes:

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Successful online activation campaigns must isolate and engage. The Engagement Pyramid explains how and why.

by JERRY SILFWER aka Doctor Spin
Expert in corporate communications and online persuasion

We all care, but only so much.

If you’re looking to influence crowd behavior (tag:behavior), you must cater to various levels of engagement (tag:engagement).

If you can get 1% to enter as creators, you should be happy. But, to be successful, you should also attract contributors — even if you can’t expect them to invest as much engagement as your creators.

Your “ask” of your contributors must be considerably smaller than that of the creators; if creators upload their best summer pictures, maybe contributors can suggest creative captions for their favorite entries? Now, if both creators and contributors are having fun, why not invite lurkers to simply cast their votes with only the click of a button?

This is an example of why the Engagement Pyramid matters.

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