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How ‘Alternative Facts’ is a Thing

Some people believe the craziest things — despite being proven wrong. Science can explain why people are stupid.
Viral math. This image shows random equations with the text "viral loops" written over it.

Viral Loops (and some Math)

Do you aspire to design viral loops for your business? Bring out your calculator — it's time for viral math.
dear journalist, broken heart

Dear Journalist

You seem to think that PR pros only care about publicity, but we don't. We have, however, begun seeing other people.

A Recipe for PR Dynamite

What makes some brands so explosively exciting? And how can you replicate this 'explosiveness' for your business?

Common Media Training Mistakes

Many leaders, politicians, and communication professionals invest in media training. However, many mistakes are being made over and over. Here's how to avoid them.
Tinitell team on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: How We Raised $100,000 in 10 Days

The case study on exactly how Tinitell successfully crowdfunded a wristphone for kids on Kickstarter.

Is Spin a Bad Thing?

What does it mean to "spin" something — and is it bad?