Bomb (1)I talk to a lot of companies and many of them basically have the same type of online challenge:

They want growth. Explosive growth.

Not only growing online sales but also growing lead generation, growing traffic, growing brand awareness, growing engagement, growing reach, growing impact and so on.

Many have understood that the online space is a social place, and that relationships take time to cultivate and how quality beats quantity and all of that.

But honestly, most organisations, especially if they’re just starting out, they want growth above all.

Recognise this?

So, how do you accomplish this kind of explosive online success?

Forget About ‘Content Is King’ And Think About Kelp

The first thing you have to do is to forget about content is king.

Personally, I think the whole content is king-debate is ridiculous.

If great content is the crew on a match race sailing boat, what does a great crew matter if the sailboat is slow by design? And the other way around: What good will a fast sailboat do you if your crew is crap?

If you’re serious about hacking growth, don’t expect anything less than having to work through every last little to make it happen.

The character Bruno Gianelli explains it well in this West Wing clip (nevermind the strange end credits):

An opportunity is an opportunity and if you want fast growth, you need to take them ALL. Posting great content online sure is an opportunity and heck, it might even do the trick sometimes.

But great content by itself isn’t a viable strategy for growing fast.

You simply need to market your business with fierce intent by grabbing every opportunity there is. And, you must also CREATE opportunities.

This means having a fast sailboat. And a great crew. And removing any kelp slowing you down the right way.

So what does this means in terms of creating a growth strategy?

Tony Robbins And The Idea Of How Massive Action Leads To Massive Success

robbinsTony Robbins is probably the most successful self-help motivator and coach on the entire planet.

His motivational advice has been heard and adopted by millions of people around the globe — and if you’re already familiar with him, then that’s no surprise.

One central element in what he teaches about success in life and business is that if you want to accomplish huge success, then you need to take massive action.

Taking massive action means organising your efforts to force habit and break through walls in your path.

For example, if you’re launching a new app and you want thousands and thousands of people to discover and download it, then you need to create TWO to-do lists:

1. Marketing Opportunities (that already exists)

2. Marketing Opportunities (that we need to create)

And then you need to commit to BOTH these to-do lists.

Example: Growing A Facebook Page By Deploying A Massive Action Strategy

Say a company has a Facebook page with 500+ fans and they want to grow it to 200,000 fans fast. They then need to take massive action.

What could they do?

1. Marketing Opportunities (that already exists)

They might have decent traffic to their website. The they need to come up with a relevant and useful way to convert that traffic into Facebook fans. If there’s no obvious way to do this — then figure it out.

They might have a decent email list. Use it to encourage people to sign up in the most useful way imaginable.

Employees email signatures can maybe be optimised to increase the Facebook following. Do it.

Does your company have existing customers, vendors or partners? Come up with ideas on how to encourage them to help you grow your Facebook Page through their channels.

Is it possible to build a bigger Facebook Page through advertising? Of course, there is. Can they afford NOT to leverage this tactic? NO, they can’t. So they must come up with ideas on how to do this in a relevant way.

Can they create and post incredible content? YES, they can. If they need help, then they should get help. They can’t afford NOT to provide stellar content if they’re serious about accomplishing their goal.

And so on.

2. Marketing Opportunities (that we need to create)

The company needs to leverage traffic from other, more influential, platforms. This means reaching out to bloggers and coming up with great ideas on why bloggers would consider helping them grow (see also How To Make It In Digital America).

They need to get online journalists to drive traffic to build their Facebook Page. They don’t necessarily need journalists to send traffic to their Facebook Page directly, but maybe to a landing page on your web page from which you can convert visitors into Facebook fans?

Can they do something highly creative on their Facebook Page? YES, they can. Do they NEED to do this? YES, they do. Commit to it and get the help you need to make this happen.

Can they leverage industry-relevant celebrities? Can they design word-of-mouth campaigns? Can they interact with the growing community in a remarkable way? YES, YES and YES.

The company need to commit by leaving no stones unturned in the process.

Red Bull, Tim Ferriss And The REAL Challenges With Deploying A Massive Action Strategy

red_bull-logoI know.

Massive success sounds like a lot of work. But that’s what it takes.

It’s so easy to look at companies like Red Bull making their incredibly viral stunts and to think that you never could afford to do what they do.

But what companies like Red Bull do so great isn’t originating from being incredibly wealthy.

In the case of Red Bull, it’s not really about how much money they spend because something brought them to where they are today. Something enabled them to have money to burn, right?

The REAL challenge with a Massive Action Strategy is to muster up the determination to:

  • commit and
  • follow-through.

For a more low-budget example, check out this guide of how famous life hacker Tim Ferriss promoted his book “The 4-Hour Body” all the way onto the New York Times’ Bestseller list. This explosive launch wasn’t done on a “Red Bull budget”, but as you can see — it was in fact done a massive amount of work. The article is a must read!

Now, it’s just so easy to just want things. Heck, we all want lots of things. But wanting things for yourself and your brand simply won’t gain you massive success, only massive action will. If you don’t take it from me, take it from Tony Robbins.

Or to quote some eternal geek wisdom that truly applies to online growth:

> “Do it or do it not. There is no try.” — Yoda, Star Wars

Have you ever decided to take massive action on something and focused all your energy on this goal — and achieved it? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.