I’ve been blogging for a while, so you might wonder where to start? Therefore, I’ve listed my three most popular articles in seven different categories below; public relations, communication theories, digital strategy, persuasion techniques, social media marketing, storytelling, and brain software.

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“In my opinion, Doctor Spin is Sweden’s no. 1 PR blog.”
Markus Welin, Social Media Specialist


Best Articles by Category

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Public Relations

What is Public Relations (PR)? — If you’re new to the world of professional influence, this is a good place to start.

The Honeymoon Outreach — How to increase your chances of success when pitching online influencers.

Press Release Template (Classic Version) — Press releases have a bad reputation (due to extensive misuse), but they’re certainly still important.

Communication Theories

Small Numbers Matter

‘Alternative Facts’ and Why Some People Believe Them (The Napoleon Post) — A round-up of the science behind why we often believe stuff that isn’t actually true.

The Engagement Pyramid (based on the 1% Rule) — A good introduction to the dynamics of social media engagement.

Digital Strategy

Inbound Marketing is a New Paradigm — A cornerstone post on why we need to rethink marketing and PR today.

An Experiment on How Content Marketing Works — My report from testing out a powerful content marketing strategy.

Content Themes: How and Why to Use Them

Persuasion Techniques

How to Persuade Anyone of Anything

11 Disturbingly Evil Leadership Hacks — How you can get your team to comply using the type of techniques you won’t read about anywhere else.

Call-to-Actions (and Why You Should Use Them) — Includes a simple tactic that you can use to quickly modernize your marketing- and communications team.

Social Media Marketing

How to Spin Instagram

The Follower Contract — What if you could read that invisible contract between your brand and its followers?

Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them) — A play-by-play on how to use viral mechanics to ramp up your online reach.


Storytelling for Jedi Masters — Learn the cornerstones of good storytelling from the famous sci-fi franchise, Star Wars.

How to Improve Your Storytelling (in 15 Minutes) — A few easy-to-use exercises to focus your storytelling.

10 Storytelling Elements (Found in All Great Stories)

Brain Software

The Acceleration Theory (The Maurice Greene Post) —

Apocalypse Survival for PR Pros (The Bear Grylls Post)

My Morning Routine