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Reader/subscribers are generally social media managers, community managers, PR professionals, online marketers, heads of marketing- and communicationspress officers, and online entrepreneurs. Geographically, 45% of readers are from North America, 35% from Scandinavia, and 20% from the rest of Europe and Australia.

Step 1. You email me and tell me what you want me to write an editorial article (600-1,200 words) here on Doctor Spin about. Or, you might want to publish a guest post where your spokesperson is featured as the writer. Here are some examples of topics:

Marketing- and PR software
Social media- and marketing conferences
Marketing- and PR agency offers
Marketing- and PR campaigns and awards
Social media companies
Marketing- and PR case studies
New communication technologies
Marketing- and PR infographics/industry reports
Interviews with marketing- and PR managers

Step 2. I’ll do some background research and let you know if I think it’s a good fit for both of us. (Please note that I only collaborate with companies I would have endorsed anyway.)

Step 3. I’ll interview your spokesperson/expert via email and read through any background material you can provide me with. Or, you send me the draft of your guest post.

Step 4. You get an editorial draft of the article for feedback and discussion. (You can’t edit the article, only suggest changes. I must consider my audience first, for both our sakes.)

Step 5. I publish the article1 on the agreed upon date. A typical article gets 1,500-2,000 highly targeted read-throughs the first 14 days.

Step 6. The article will also be sent out to 4,100 email subscribers. I will also tweet the article to 18,000+ Twitter followers 3-5 times, promote it on Facebook to 5,000 interest targets, and post it 1-2 times to 2,000+ connections on LinkedIn.

Step 7. When the campaign has ended (typically 1 week after publishing), I’ll send you a report with the results.

Budgets for Sponsored Articles

May vary depending on specific assignments and can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, however it starts at 2,000 EUR.

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  1. The article will be optimized with Yoast SEO and marked “This article is presented in collaboration with Your Company Name” with a backlink to your business.