I’ve found this infographic by Advertisemint containing all Facebook ad targeting categories to be useful.

by JERRY SILFWER aka Doctor Spin
Expert in corporate communications and online persuasion

“Who” can you target on Facebook?

The categories listed below is a good start for getting an understanding of what kind of data Facebook (tag:Facebook) is offering to its advertisers. By combining these, Facebook offers a powerful tool for segmenting your advertising (tag:advertising) audience.

However, these categories are only scratching the surface. For one thing, Facebook offers even more categories to its premium advertising partners. Also, these can be combined with Custom Audiences generated from tracking scripts (pixels) on your site, or in your app. Or, from your native Facebook Page audience and their connections. And if that isn’t enough, you can also upload your email lists and create Lookalike Audiences.

Still, we’re most likely only in the early days of datadriven audience segmentation. To think about how far this can go when social networks and search engines deploy increasingly more complex machine learning technologies is mindblowing. 

See the infographic (tag:infographics) here:

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

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Facebook Ad Targeting Categories


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