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Public Relations

In what ways can anti-fascists get positive PR out there and/or fight the negative PR that has been attributed to it?

How can I find and chose a good PR agency for my startup?

What do you look for before choosing a PR agency?

How do I get more followers on Instagram?

How do you write a press release about a psychology article, as if you were a media officer?

What is the difference between public relations, publicity, and propaganda?

What are the differences between PR and marketing?

What is the difference between marketing, advertising, and PR?

What are the best PR spin jobs you’ve ever seen?

Why do people believe PR spin?

Why does Kim Kardashian get so much media coverage?

What is better for a company to have, in-house PR or outside PR?

What are the differences and similarities between public relation and advertising for a brand?

It seems people in various majors (literature, finance, even IT) can enter the advertising/PR/marketing industry and do great, so why should students take advertising/PR/communication as their major?

Can introverts do PR?

How can I decide between PR and Journalism?

Public Relations (PR): How can I increase press coverage for my company?

I wanna do public relations. What characteristics of personality do I need to have?

My free press release for distribution sites below 50 USD has been awfully unsuccessful. What did I do wrong?

How does PR work?

Digital Marketing

What are all the crowdfunding, marketing, and PR agencies which work on the revenue share model?

What are some ways to advertise my new book?

Is it my imagination, or has online tracking and targeted advertising delivery gone through some kind of major upgrade in the last few months?

Who controls the ads you have to watch at the beginning of videos on YouTube?

With a huge rise in YouTube influencers and social media influencers such as on Instagram, is there still a market for bloggers and podcasts?

How can I create honest advertising of a product?

How do I make a great creative strategy?

What are the best ways to promote any new business?

How can I advertise my website online for free?

Why do ad agencies and users of advertising and PR seem to view product development as separate entities, if the customer sees images, products, and brands as one thing?

How can grow my website (customer base) at a faster rate?

What should I know to be a great Internet marketer for a startup?


Is there a mature, thoughtful reason to care much about leaders being hypocritical relative to their publicly-stated values in their private lives if they honor those values in their public service?

What are some interesting psychological marketing tactics?

Do you ever worry about the validity of your subjective conclusions, given all the smart people in the world who disagree with you? Do you ever worry that you might be very wrong, or that you’ll never find a path that seems right?

What should I do to mix and mingle with people if I am a completely different, nervous, and lack of confidence kind of guy?

How do I convince my dad to let me get Snapchat?

General Life Advice

How do you handle somebody that is emotionally-needy. By needy I mean an adult in your life who wants more time, more attention and more love than you are willing to give?

What is the most valuable thing in this life (in one word)?

How to deal with anger to avoid hurting the people you love?

How can I be more uncomfortable for personal growth sakes?

I want to be loved. I feel the need of being in love and be loved. What should I do?

How does one become more intelligent every day?

How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

Personal Stories

What is something that you swear happened but you have no proof and nobody believes you?

What five questions are you afraid to ask yourself?

What is the best way to answer “What makes you unique?”


Is there a limit to how much a human can know?

Is it correct to think that the more significant experiences we have, the more neuron pathways we have?

Religious Beliefs

Do atheists truly maintain that the 6.5 billion people today, and the nearly 100 billion people throughout the history of our species are completely wrong in their belief in a deity?

If atheists were to find out today, definitively and with evidence, that there is a god or deity existing in the universe, how would their daily life’s habits change?