At work, you have a standardized email signature, right?


Many of these email signatures contain images. And these images will cause you problems when doing blogger outreach.

In my experience, having a standardized signature containing an image, like a company logo, will affect your hit rate negatively.

Ouch. But, is it just to remove the signature then?

There’s no escaping the fact that you’re making an intrusion into someone’s inbox. They didn’t ask you for your email, but there it is anyway. It’s not very polite to send someone an attachment, forcing them to download it. Especially if they’re reading their email on their phone in a low bandwidth area.

It’s just bad form.

Now, you could, of course, host your signature image on the web. You know, like most HTML newsletters do.

And some like HTML newsletters, others don’t.

However, I’ve tried both and it doesn’t really make a difference in the results. Bloggers tend to dislike them both equally.

So what is really happening here?

Well, I have a theory. (Big surprise, ha!)

A power blogger takes every chance they can in deciding what pitches to quickly throw in the trash. A first email containing attachments or HTML images signals that you’re a rookie or simply an inexperienced pitcher. And that instantly reflects badly on your main content — whatever it may be.

So if you’ve worked hard with your pitch, why shouldn’t you try to perfect even the smaller details?

So How To Fix Your Blogger Outreach Email Signature?

Fix this. Remove any images from your signature. Attachments or HTML doesn’t matter, just get rid of them.

Fix this. If your company requires you to have a specific signature, customize your own that you use just for blogger outreach.

Fix this. Strip it down — too much information will only take the focus away from the content and the CTA (call-to-action).

… And The Ninja Level

Personally, I don’t use any specific email signature at all when I do blogger outreach. I craft it specifically for every email. For instance, if the blogger I’m pitching loves Pinterest, then I might include a link to my own Pinterest* profile.

Everything communicates — and I’m simply trying to grab every opportunity I can to better my odds.

* I don’t do this to be slick, and neither should you. I happen to love Pinterest for instance, so that’s why that would work for me. You need to find YOUR honest approach to find common ground.

Your turn! What blogger outreach email signature tactic do you use for outreach? Happy pitching!