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Brands will start to explore psychological "pre-suasion" campaigns micro-targeting individuals. Welcome to the advent of inception marketing.
I was in Italy in the middle of summer, and it was hot. The Italian fashion brand I was meeting up with had gotten this idea that it would be great to add some...
This was a dead-end year with lots of learnings.
The Chinese government has found a way to cut costs and add speed to their news broadcasting by using a virtual news anchor modeled on a human.
The New York Times misreported the Kitty Genovese case. By allowing the public to search their online archive, we all get better journalism.
Initiative Qs go-to-market strategy is a powerful viral loop.
The minification of the media landscape might be a formating illusion. We do in fact love long stories.
Now, just about anyone can be in almost anything — and there's no clear solution or any serious consequences.
Jerry Silfwer is the senior PR strategist behind Doctor Spin. Via his agency Spin Factory, Jerry is advising brands on how to adapt to a 'digital first' world. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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