Do we really need more social networks?

Well, I think so.

I do spend quite some time on networking sites already. Still, I want more of them.

Here are four social networks that need to exist:


The idea: Express yourself through music.

What if it was easy for people to mix and mash music? To a great extent, the technology can help with the apparent lack of talent, making it easy for tone-deaf amateurs to make their creations sound pretty awesome. Apple’s GarageBand is nearly there as far as apps go, but you need to be able to sample popular music — and the whole creative process must, of course, be social.


The idea: Express yourself through comics.

Upload images of yourself and create your Superhero-avatar in 3D and, then, easily create scenes and storylines. Change “camera angles” and move your characters into position by using your mouse to adjust your characters’ joints. Filters can then give your strips an artistic, unique and coherent feel. Now, add some text to your story and — there you go! — your own animated comic strip featuring yourself.


The idea: Express yourself through world creation.

Allow people to create worlds like they already do in the computer games. Second Life took a hit and we’re a little bit scared of this, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. But instead of just porn clubs and casinos, only allow people to create architectural structures and terraform majestic landscapes — and place it all on top of Google Maps so visitors can “travel” and co-create these worlds. And, of course, it should be easy to export Youtube videos of walkthroughs.


The idea: Express yourself through automated short stories.

Great stories have strong drama and they follow certain storytelling elements. A questionnaire guides you through a set of variables for your creation; “On a scale of 0-100, how dark do you want your short story to be?” And so on. Then you hit ‘Play’ and the application pushes the characters to act out based on your statistical data, much like automated gameplay. You get a written script which you then can tweak manually or add additional ‘story filters’; maybe you want to change the setting from New York City to Victorian Era? Click.

What kind of social network are you longing for? Please share your vision in the comments!