It’s time for traditional PR to act.

It’s time for all of us to embrace the fact that we now consume more social media than news media, according to a recent study.

One could also argue that people are more interactive and more two-way communicative in social networks compared to when they consume traditional one-way mass media.

“Social media” is not a PR “add-on” anymore.

And PR must change now:

Change is Difficult but Still Better than Disappearing

The classic PR argument that news media publicity is more credible than advertising might still hold up, but is mass media publicity more engaging and trustworthy than peer-to-peer communication?

If we choose the road that leads to the future of our public relations industry, leveraging the power of social media just became more important than reading the newspaper.

Digital First” is something for all PR professionals to take into serious consideration.

Shall we keep traditional publicity as the center of what clients relate to our business and actually reinforce it?

Should we embrace social media not as a specialization but as something every consultant must live and breathe in order to fully grasp its dynamics?

I know what I think.