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This free eCourse will deliver powerful ideas that you'll need to supercharge your business. It's created for senior marketing and PR professionals working in corporate communication, but junior pros and agency folks will enjoy it, too!

"I look forward to these e-mails every evening and find that each and every one contains great inspiration and new insights. Together, they constitute a remarkable PR-course!"
— Karoline Goldberg, Head of PR and Marketing, Romy Foods Ltd

"This course is valuable as it challenges our way of describing communication in the digital era. I apppreciate the mix of academic evidence, how-to's and edgy statements. Encouraging!"
Ellen Follin, Editor, BTJ


THE CTA MINDSET < email 1 of 28 >

In the first session you will learn how CTAs can change the mindset of your whole PR department and drive better results from your online acticities.


THE LIST BUILDER < email 2 of 28 >

In the second session you'll get tools for getting your company excited about harvesting email addresses. 


KILL THE NEWSLETTER < email 3 of 28 >

In the third lesson we get to some drastic measures and present a roadmap of how to kill your newsletter — and what to replace it with.


THE 404 TRICK < email 4 of 28 >

Do you want to get into the driver's seat of making sure that your website supports and pulls your PR activities forward? Here's how.


LANDING PAGE TACTICS < email 5 of 28 >

Can you talk about landing pages without making a fool of yourself? Here's how to do it and how it will change your PR process from the ground up.

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